Surveillance Management

Electronic Security Solutions

We provide integrated security solutions that will detect security threats and protect your people and assets. Our security solutions are supported by innovative technology and the very highest level of customer service. We at Mafoko Security can customize a solution to your company's situation and budget. This is made possible through our extensive experience with our clients ranging from government departments and major corporations, to small local businesses.We have the resource depth to deliver as your needs change, or increase at short notice.

Intruder Systems

Knowing when an intruder has infiltrated your premises can mean the difference between being a victim of theft and preventing it. Whether protecting a restaurant, retail clothing store or the family owned corner shop; Mafoko Security has the experience to ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place, helping reduce your losses and ultimately increasing your productivity.
At Mafoko Security we know that no two small businesses are the same, so our consultants and technicians are highly trained to confidently design, supply, install, commission, service, maintain and monitor an intruder burglar alarm system customized especially for your business.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems play an important role in your security, allowing the identification and screening of visitors. Mafoko Security has a range of digital and analogue audio/video intercoms with a huge variety of configuration options for all applications - from the smallest business through to large apartment complexes. Audio intercom systems allow you to speak to visitors via a call station at the entry and allow entry to the premises by releasing an electric door lock after identification of the guest. Video intercom systems extend this security to visual monitoring of an entrance, via a built - in camera linked to an internal unit that includes a monitor, handset and control functions.

Electric Perimeter Systems

As eighty percent of break-ins occur through windows, doors and skylights, perimeter protection is the first line of defense against an intruder. It is essential to provide electric perimeter protection to the openings and entry points of a building, including windows, doors, skylights and vents. Additionally, electronic security such as electric fencing can be an effective and cost competitive alternative to expensive static guards.

System Integration

Integrated Security Solutions: As not every home or business is the same, we believe it is important to customize an electronic security system to suit all types of individual needs. The assets that need to be protected, controlled and monitored will vary from property to property and Signature Security Group can tailor your security system to fit your specific needs. A large vehicle manufacturing company may need extensive electric perimeter protection whereas an information technology corporation may need biometric access control to ensure security. A family may need a pet sensitive security system. Whatever your needs may be, a trustworthy, professional Signature Security consultant can customize an integrated, end-to-end security solution that's right for you.